Web Design

One-Page Website

Our offerings include single page portfolio style websites, these are ideal for photographers or artists to showcase their work. It is also a great site for business with a single service or product, or as a companion for a larger website to showcase an upcoming event or promotion.

Traditional Website

We also offer the standard multi-pager which is a traditional style website. This is good for businesses that have multiple departments, product ranges or services each with a lot of information to share.

eCommerce Website

Lastly we offer an online store to sell physical goods, virtual goods or even services. This works well as a companion to a physical store, or even as an online only store.

What to expect


During a quick brainstorming session we will discuss your vision for the website, as well as what the goal of the website is in your business.


A selection of rough layouts will be drafted based on the brainstorming session. After choosing a layout, a final design will be mocked up and presented for final approval.


Once the design mock-up has been finalised we can begin the process of coding the website and preparing for the big launch.

Frequently asked questions

By default we use HTML and CSS to build our websites, but if you would like to use WordPress we can develop your website into a WordPress theme instead. We will give you the option during our initial brainstorming session.

There is no extra cost to developing your website for WordPress if it is planned from the start. WordPress is the only CMS solution we work with.

While platforms like WordPress do have a vast library of website themes available, those are often very generic and hard to make your own, especially in the free versions. For some it might not be a problem to use a generic theme, but if you want to put your own stamp on it then it is definitely better to have the website tailor made for your brand. That is where we come in.

Each website is quoted individually based on the time it would take to design and develop it. We have a starting rate that is sufficient for most websites, but there are instances when a website will need more advanced features. The quote will be created after an initial consultation, and only after the quote is accepted will work begin.

SEO and social media advertising is also quoted based on the specific campaigns and targeting that will be done.