Shopping for computer hardware can be overwhelming, with so many options and technical jargon to navigate. That's where we come in. We'll present a curated selection of hardware that's tailored to your business needs, so you can find the right products without wading through all the marketing hype.

In addition to offering top-quality hardware, we also provide repair and upgrade services to keep your existing computers running smoothly.


We offer laptops in all major brands for uses from basic office work and web browsing to high demand graphics editing and everything in between. The right fit can be narrowed down by specs such as physical size, graphics capability, touch screen, 2-in-1 tablet and more.

Desktop Computers

When mobility is not required a desktop computer is a great option. Especially for more intensive workloads that rely heavily on graphics processing power, storage capacity or screen size. The modularity of desktop computers also make them great for future expandability.


When it comes to peripherals you are spoilt for choice. Keyboards are available in different sizes, and with a typing feel to suite your preference. Screens can start as small as 19" all the way up to 49" super ultra wide. And don't forget the mouse or speakers, both available in various options for ergonomics and aesthetics.

UPS and Power Banks

Protect your computer and networking equipment from power damage with a compact and easy to install UPS. 
Keep your mobile devices, even a laptop, charged on the go, or keep the internet running during loadshedding with a compact power bank.

Other Hardware

Other commonly used hardware such as printers, scanners, VOIP phones, networking equipment and more is available with various specifications. Interactive whiteboards, televisions and projectors are also available for presentation requirements in the office, reception area or classroom.

Parts & Repairs

Reduce waste and avoidable expenses by repairing partially working devices rather than replacing them prematurely. Replacement parts are commonly available for many components such as laptop screens, keyboards and batteries. And the modularity of desktop computers make them even easier to repair and upgrade. 


File Server

Consolidate your company data with a file server to securely house all files and utilise advanced user permissions to ensure each employee/department only has access to the folders that are relevant to them.

Application Server

Run programs such as Pastel accounting without slowing down any of the end user devices. Having a dedicated device to run these types of applications also make it easier to backup the critical information stored there.

Backup Server

Ensure your data is protected with a dedicated backup server to hold full archival backups of your data. This is your first line of defence against data loss and the perfect companion to cloud backup/syncing.

Learn more about our backup options 

Frequently asked questions

No, laptops can certainly handle these workloads, they are just not as efficient as a desktop computer. For this reason we always recommend a desktop computer when mobility is not needed.

A laptop has many limitations to take into account, such as physical size, cooling capability and battery capacity. These limitations result in compromises that usually effect the processing output. For example, if the laptop is too hot it will slow down the processor to manage its heat. This is not a slow down that is noticeable in most workloads, but it can slow processes like video rendering and might make the device feel sluggish under intense load.

Not at this time. We quote the systems and devices according to the specifications needed by each client.

Because of the wide range of hardware available we do not list the pricing online, but please reach out to us with your needs and we will send you a quotation on an appropriate system or device.