Our tailored network solutions include installation of new computer and telecommunication networks, as well as support services for existing infrastructure. We offer troubleshooting, repairs, upgrades, and proactive maintenance to keep your network running smoothly and efficiently.

Some Network Examples

Office Network

Balance stability and coverage with a combined wired and wireless network to give each device the best connection it can handle. And boost security with a managed firewall to control internet usage on the company network.

Restaurant Network

Maintain the security and connection speed of your office and point-of-sale devices, while giving customers access to a controlled and isolated guest network.

Farm Network

Connect multiple buildings over a distance with underground cables or wireless antennas to create a unified network throughout the farm for sharing internet access, security cameras and files.

School Network

Protect the students while also securing the admin side with a segregated network using easily managed user-based permissions to access files and the internet. Further restrict the internet with an advanced firewall to block unwanted website types.

Home Network

Enjoy the speed and stability of a wired network for stationary devices like Smart TVs and gaming devices, but also benefit from a strong Wi-Fi system with maximum coverage and minimal eye-sore.

Managed Firewall

In the last few years the number of cyber attacks have increased exponentially, and it affects everyone from the small business owner to the global mega corporations. Ignoring cyber security in business is no longer an option, that is why it needs to be obtainable, affordable and scalable.

Network Security

Detect and prevent threats trying to enter your network with in depth scanning of all network traffic at the gateway.

Remote Access

Give secure remote access to individual users, or to multiple office locations with certificate-based VPN encryption.

Network Management

Further secure your network by segregating it into sections for business and guest use. Lock out threats from the guest network with the internal firewall.

URL Blocking

Avoid wasted business resources by restricting access to distracting or inappropriate websites. Regulate access with time and user based blocking rules.

Traffic Shaping

Control your bandwidth allocation by giving priority to VOIP calls and productive websites, while limiting speed for unproductive websites and apps.

Safe Searching

Automatically filter inappropriate or potentially offensive content with Safe Search and utilize Google Safe Browsing to protect from phishing sites and zero-day attacks.

Multi-Link Capable

Prevent internet downtime with multiple connections to seamlessly change over from one link to another in case of an outage.


Get detailed reports on blocked threats, data usage, internet activity and more.

Proudly South African

The software for this device is developed and supported in South Africa.

Technical Specifications 

Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is possible, with the exception of a couple cables to connect the equipment to the internet. It is just not ideal when there are a lot of devices connected.

The Wi-Fi access points have limited bandwidth (speed) available and this is often less than that of a physical cable. As a result the available bandwidth is shared between all the connected devices, so the more devices the less bandwidth they will have.

For this reason we often recommend that devices such as desktop computers, printers and laptops have ethernet cables whenever possible.

The co-managed solution is intended for companies or schools that have an in-house IT person/department and only require assistance with select services, or the supply of equipment. With the managed solution we take care of the whole network for you.

Both managed and co-managed solutions can be utilised ad hoc or on a consistent schedule.

We quote each installation, service or repair individually based on the equipment and time needed. But we do have a fixed labour rate of R460 per hour, per person.

The managed firewalls are billed monthly based on the number of active users. There are exceptions for certain use cases, for example, in a school's computer lab we will determine a practical billing method based on how the student users are managed.