Our CCTV security systems provide comprehensive protection for your property and people. These systems can monitor both the interior and perimeter of your property, providing real-time surveillance and recording. In addition, the advanced detection technology can automatically identify and alert you to potential threats.

High Quality

See every detail in high definition with cameras ranging from 2MP to 8MP and a resolution from 1920x1080 to 3860x2140. Audio recording is also an option with a selection of compatible camera models.

Night Vision

Darkness is no concern with automatic light detection or a fixed schedule for infrared switching. Infrared viewing distances can range from 10m in small units to 80m in large units, or 150m in motorized PTZs.

Remote Viewing

Easily monitor your camera system from anywhere with built-in remote access, no additional network configuration required. Viewing applications are available for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.


Video and audio can be recorded based on triggers, such as motion or time. And the storage capacity is flexible with specialised hard drives ranging from 500GB to 8TB capacity.

Weather Resistant

Weather is no concern for outdoor rated cameras with a water resistance rating of IP67 on standard models, and IP66 water and dust resistance on motorized PTZs.


Analyze video feeds with various detection methods including face and object detection, line crossing, camera tampering, people counting, crowd gathering and more.

Hidden Cameras

If the need arises for a more obscured solution a selection of disguised cameras are available. The disguised cameras share the same specs as small indoor units and some of the same basic analytics features.

Active Deterrence

Deter loiterers with a built-in speaker to let them know they are being watched. The speaker can play a siren sound, a pre-recorded message, or you can manually talk via the mobile app.

Advanced Cameras

For advanced use cases we offer specialised cameras designed to read license plates and recognise faces. These metrics can be used to configure alarm triggers on repeated recognitions or stored for records.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, our IP based cameras comply with the ONVIF standard which allows it to communicate with all other surveillance and security equipment that also comply with the standard. However some of the analytics features may not be useable with other NVRs.

We offer both IP and analog cameras, depending on your needs and preference.

We quote each installation, service or repair individually based on the equipment and time needed. But we do have a fixed labour rate of R460 per hour, per person.